The real future of IOS/FLAT UI

This fellow makes a great point, and it's what i've been thinking the entire time. The change in IOS is going to be much less drastic than what a lot of folks are making it out to be. Johnny has only had a short period of time to work on it. While it will be a change, it won't be extremely drastic. We will see all the frost and gloss look gone. We can clearly see in our current new app icons where the style is going. Less gloss and gradient,but still has some form. Apple will not be going with a totally flat UI. People think apple is going to go with a metro style like microsoft which just isn't the case. I do think we will see new features of the software, but don't expect your mind to be blown. They just simply haven't had enough time to do anything that mind blowing.

The future of IOS