What is your preferred task management app on OS X?

I've been using Wunderlist for the past month or two. Moving over to it was pretty much a no-brainer for me considering it had a great companion app for my Android phone. For the most part I thought that it fit my needs pretty well, until some minor things ended up getting the best of me.

Alright, well, I confess I don't have the best record of keeping track of tasks and due dates, but that's why I want such a good experience when I use a task management app! Reminders, of course, was my first experience, but did not hold up when it came to syncing with my Android phone.

Anyways, getting back to the minor annoyances that got me away from Wunderlist. The first was the lack of a calendar style view. I constantly felt like the app was giving me tunnel-vision. There was always something I couldn't see, something I wasn't aware of that I wanted to have in my sights, whether it be another task or a sub task. I got frustrated.

The other thing was that it felt like a bad port from iOS at times. Double-clicking tasks to reveal the Title, Sub-Tasks, and Notes just felt unintuitive for me. For whatever reason it just felt very un-natural, and often slowed me down. Keep in mind, this is more of a personal thing. Maybe you don't mind double-clicking? I just thought a single-click could have done the job.

At the end of all of this I had ditched Wunderlist, and couldn't help but feel disappointed. Unless I find a better alternative, I think for myself it's straight back to reminders, which I personally don't mind. I appreciate it's calendar view and organization by due date. The only thing that it lacks, sadly, is an all-tasks view.

tl;dr I'm frustrated with Wunderlist and not completely satisfied with reminders. What is your preferred task management app? I'd love to hear what you have to say about what you use, and why you use it.