Wireless issue (probably the wrong place)

So my HTC 8X suddenly dropped the Wi-Fi connection it has held for several months. it went to reconnect after coming home and nothing. Restarted nothing changed. What gives? My brother has had trouble with his ipad and ipod touch but one after the other not at the same time. Is it some sort of Wi-Fi connection limit, does such a thing even exist? And yet we have had no problem with our computers, including one Ubuntu laptop. Seriously certain this is the wrong place to post... But... Um... not sure where else to post this, and I trust the verge more than, yahoo answers - almost certain my computer doesn't have cancer. A secondary point to make is that this kind of trouble shooting forum is something that the verge really should have, either operating specific or agnostic but I think its needed. Anyway thanks for listening, reading & bearing with my poor post placement. Kind regards in any case.