Afraid of Changing iOS to Android

Hello Mobile Community.

I know that it could be long to explain. But at the end of the post there's TL;DR if you don't want to waste your time and just show the thing that matters :) Thanks.

Before reading, you should know that I am not considering myself an Apple fan-boy, just I've been 3 years with the same operative system. Now, close to a change, I'm kinda afraid of changing.


In short, the only thing that matters most is just that I'm afraid of changing my terminal to a new one (which would a different operative system). How come that? I'll try to explain it the best that I can.

Around 3 years ago, I started highschool and I had to get all my documents, my notes, my calendar... in just one device. As my brother had iPod Touch 2G, my father decided to buy me an iPod Touch 4G. And since the very first of having that beauty in my hands, I have had no problems with it at all but one, it was not a cell phone.

So they bought me a basic android device to have a cell phone to be in touch with my family and friends. This cell phone was a "Samsung Galaxy Ace".

Since I couldn't do the normal tasking that I would do on my iPod (because his awful performance and awful battery life), I had to carry with me my iPod Touch and Galaxy Ace.

Now three years after that, my iPod still rocking like the very first day, and my Galaxy Ace is almost dead (battery draining in less than 3 hours). So I though about changing my phone + iPod, and get a new phone which can do what I've doing all this time (that means throwing out my ipod, and my Galaxy Ace as well). At first I though of changing to Android (buying Google Nexus 4, because it was Pure Android)And as you know, Apple products are really really expensive, and if we compare system features, iOS is a bit outdated yet (we'll see in WWDC). But even being just outdated, it just works smooth and fast whenever I can. So I think that if something is going well, why you have to change it?

If anyone would ask me about which system I prefer in a phone, I wouldn't know what to say as I love both, but I have had not any experience in a Pure Android device (Samsung Touchwiz is not android! @_@ ). I know that iOS has its limitations, but this limitations have not been such a problem for me, as I have had any problem to make the tasks that I do normally (social networks, internet, music, documents, books,..). And maybe I would gain more if I change to android.

One thing that I am worried about is that if I buy an android terminal (Nexus 4), I have no support at all in person. But if I buy an iOS terminal, I have an Apple Store next to me.

Also, I heard more problems of Android (like problems with battery, software, sensors , performance...) but I have not heard much problems of Apple (or just I loved it that much that I ignored them)

I don't know what it could happen, but in 2 months I would spend like 349$ or 599$ in a mobile phone. But I don't want to buy a phone that I would be regretted 2 months after that, as I would want my phone to a near future. I already know the features, the usage and the control of an iPhone, so it wouldn't be such a hard deal to buy an iPhone. But Android is evolving so fast that I could not ever imagine, and my last experience of android is already 3 years old, I said I might gain more if I change to android.

I am using actually my iPod Touch full day, since the very first time of the morning when I check my email and social networks, using music in the subway and later on documents in the office. And then most time using readers like Flipboard, Feedly... And when I come back home I am listening music as well until the midnight when I go to bed. These tasks are made in a 3,5" touch screen Retina with Brightness at 35-40% and as I said I have had not problems at all.

I would appreciate any kind of opinion about this changing iOS to Android :) But don't consider me an Apple fanboy or an Android hater. Is just experience with a device for 3 years long and still like the first day.

I know that as the text was not originally planned, it has less sense than it should have but I guess you got the point. Thanks for having the time to read it :)

TL;DR iOS User (ipod Touch 4g) for 3 years + Android User (Galaxy Ace) for 2,5 years thinking about changing to Android. Kinda scary to change because last experience with Android was AWFUL. Really loved iOS this 3 years (smooth and fast since the very first time), scared of changing to Android.