Challenges for academic research

Based on the recent discussions about academic research, it is possible to create a list of challenges:

- Journals. Can we accept that companies make money based on our hard work? (vs open access journals)

- Peer review. Is this process fast enough? Are blogs an alternative? Is arXiv an alternative?

- Publish or perish. Is this the way to go?

- Information overload. How can you read all the relevant articles?

- Reproducibility of the research. How should this be dealt with?

- Sharing data. Should researchers publish their data (or code)?

- Conferences. Do they add enough value (presenting unfinished work)?

- Workload for professors. Can professors combine all these tasks (publish, guide PhD students, teach etc.)?

- Funding. Should professors spent that much time lobbying for funds?

- Administration (and other time wasters). How do we make researchers more productive?

- Fundamental research. Do we pay enough attention to this?

- Interdisciplinary research (for example Bioinformatics). Should we rethink the way we collaborate?

- Evolution of Universities. will massive online open courses (MOOC) have an impact on the funding?

- Academic social networks. Do they add enough value?

Do you see more challenges?

(Disclosure: we are working on a tool to make academic writing more efficient: )