The Near Future: 'Nexus 5', Google News, Fragmentation?





I guess we're pretty bored. I mean, we're all super excited for Google I/O, but with only three and a half days left there's nothing to talk about that hasn't been discussed to death. Except for a few things.

We know about Android 4.3, Google Games, Google's new Slide Menu, Google Hangouts, Gmail Redesign, and a new Nexus 7. But I wanted to discuss some things. The 'Nexus 5' nomenclature, Key Lime Pie's delay and possible fragmentation solution, and the unfortunate demise of Google Reader for the upcoming Google News integration with Currents - just an educated guess on my part.

What's Up With The 5?

I don't remember anyone mentioning why this was wrong.

Nowhere on the rumors' specs we saw a 5' screen and yet the Nexus 5 name seemed to be the only one acceptable for the new Nexus 4. I think some people somehow forgot that the Nexus numbers are related to their screensize, instead of their respective order of release(Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4).

Anyways, I find hard to believe Google would release a 5' screen size. They know it's already big enough, and some people even find it too big. Their phone is not exactly popular with mainstream customers as Samsung continues to destroy the entire UI and continue to sell millions of smartphones, so if they reach a point where they have to choose between having guaranteed Android upd-OMG IS THAT A 16MP S-CAMERA WITH DOUBLE-SHOT FEATURE AND CUTE CHIBI PHOTO EDITING!?!!?!?! *cough*, you'll know what they'll buy.

Google News And Google Reader

We all know that if Google had any intention of stopping Google Reader's imminent death, they would've done it by now.

However, Android Police found out that there's a new section of the Play Store coming - an early build of it, at least.

"News" will be the new section, marking the 7th category on the US Play Store.

But the purpose of bringing this up, is that we haven't heard from it. We heard a lot about Babel, Google Games, Android Key Lime Pie, etc. But not about the News Section.

Google said that the purpose of killing Google Reader was because there was an alternative - Google Currents - and that people don't use Google Reader all that much anymore. I don't believe that.

If you know why Google Reader was killed - or if you believe that the reason Google gave was true - let me know in the comments.

Fragmentation, And Key Lime Pie Delays

There was a discussion going on about Key Lime Pie being delayed for fragmentation purposes. Is that something we can hope on?

What can Google do to help fragmentation? If Google can do anything at all.

ParanoidAndroid already stated that they're trying to build features that don't rely on the OS, so that they don't need to code it all over again because of the updates.

Please let me know in the comments!