How necessary are dedicated graphics?

Just as the title states, I am wondering how necessary are dedicated graphics? I'm once again in need of a new MacBook, my current one has a cracked screen :(, its starting to chug along :(:( and its out of warranty :(:(:(

So I'm thinking about buying a 13in rMBP, probably around the end of summer/beginning of fall. Meaning I'd be getting a Haswell generation MBP. Hopefully Apple will iron out the kinks the first-gen had by then. The only thing holding me back is the lack of dedicated graphics.

I currently own a 2011 13in MBP base model, and until recently I did not know that I didnt have dedicated graphics. What really made me ponder was that I never thought it was lacking in the graphics department, not too much at least. Keep in mind, I'm a graphic design major so i have been running CS5/CS6 over the years and I even had Team Fortress 2 installed at a time. Not once do I remember the game being unplayable or my graphic design work flow being sluggish. Dont get me wrong there have been times when I was working with huge image files and i've definitely seen some staggering then, and I'm sure there was room for improvement on the gaming front, but when isnt there? amirite?

I've since uninstalled TF2, because im not a huge PC gamer so running at max settings is not important at all to me. As far as my career goes, I see myself working more in the web design field, meaning I'd be working with lightweight img files as opposed to huge photos. I do love print work so im not gonna completely ignore the need for graphic processing power, but like I said before, those situations will probably be far and few between.

I've read that dedicated graphics are more of a necessity for heavy gamers, not for me. but thats why im asking you guys, whaddya think? Do I need a dedicated graphics card?


(Disclaimer: this is all based on the assumption that Apple will not include a dedicated graphics card in the 2nd gen rMBP 13, and yes I know the 15in rMBP would be the perfect solution but it will not be a economically viable option in the timeframe I've set for myself barring a lottery win or a huge shift in the ratio of time spent working vs social life)