I trust Tim Cook. PERIOD

I feel sorry for Tim Cook because he is like in the same shoes as my favorite NFL team (COLTS) QB Andrew Luck is in. Andrew Luck is replacing a legend and Tim Cook is also replacing a legend. But see people are to stuck in the past and keep asking "what would Steve Jobs do?" Well lets see... Under Tim Cook everything as been good BUT the Stock Price and that is normal for a maturing company. The past year Tim Cook been CEO Apple has been selling record # of iOS Devices. Not only Tim Cook apologized for the iMaps disaster something Jobs would of NOT done. Cook also fired Scott Forstall that is holding the company back in new iOS innovations and Forstall didn't prepare the iMaps enough to be released for iOS 6, A lot of people are arguing and which I aggree on... IS that iMaps maybe should of waited to be released on iOS 7 maybe even iOS 8 to be on Apple's standards on working right the first time.

But Tim Cook is a great CEO. He is keeping Apple in check and he made a genius move on putting Ive in charge of iOS design. And I think the next products Cook is promising that will be amazing products will again change the game and jump Apple stocks again to over 600 billion dollars cap. I think people are idiots and keep being stuck in the past on what Jobs would do. Yes Jobs was a visionary and a genius and probably the best CEO we seen past 20 years maybe even longer. But the visionary Jobs also put Cook to be CEO so when people ask "What would Jobs do?" Well he put Cook in charge so shut up and deal with it. Cook was another Jobs genius choice.

Do you trust Tim Cook.. Do you like what he is doing?