Getting the most out of the TheVerge Forums experience

Hello everyone, TheVerge peeps.

Guys, i created my account on TheVerge a while ago, and i still can't figure out how to get the most out of the forums, find constructive criticism, find topics where there's lot of debates, i feel like i can be more active and more helpful to the community, but i just can't find a proper and an effective way to do it, when i have something in mind i create a topic, two of mine got something like 100+ posts (it was more of an MS vs Apple war than anything else), but i still can't feel the satisfaction of contributing and adding something to what must be an awesome community when we get to know it very well.

People Of The Verge, feel free to throw any topic that you think might get my interest, whether it's about, smartphones, computers, CPUs, hardware, OS (Android, iOS, Windows)..etc all tech basically, throw some useful links and thanks in advance.