PLEX Media Server : Bugs on the XBOX side.

Hi !

If you're all about HTPC you must have heared of PLEX and you're probably a regular user of it, i have the latest version rock'in the house right now, and i can't get it to show thumbnails on the XBOX 360 interface when i'm looking for my videos, it's weird and when i go for a voyage of discovery (AppData/Local/Plex or something along those lines) when i go to the folder thumbnails there's nothing, it's extremely bizarre because all the artwork is properly generated by PLEX when i visit the web interface...

Also the software is finding serious trouble transcoding .FLV files for me (despite of the fact it uses basic H264 codec), and the XBOX has support for a good number of video formats, so i wonder if there's a fix to make it transcode to a particular codec to avoid this kind of issues, so in summary, .FLV files just don't work.

If you have the same problem and you got the solution please feel free to post it on the forum it will be very helpful for my situation.

Thanks in advance, and see ya !