The Biggest Threat to the Future of Tech

The biggest threat to the future won’t come in the form of weapons or even climate change, but from the jaded cynical attitude of people these days.

The cynicism to think we cannot change, we cannot do better, and that we cannot push ourselves forward. And the jadedness to put the people who want change, who want something better, and who want to push humanity forward down.

Of course the hypocrisy in me writing this is that I’m a cynic half the time (those who know me can attest to that), but really this bloody attitude has found a way to spread to the technology industry that I (and I’m sure you) love.

I love technology because it has seemingly endless possibilities to create new remarkable things that make the world a better place. And not just for the people fortunate enough who can afford, but even for those less fortunate. Advances in tech eventually trickles down to all classes and aspects of society. Even the common technologies we take for granted in our present day lives can do wonders for people in Third World countries. Also, technology continues to innovate and advance no matter how the economy is doing. People will keep creating new things as long as they are curious and have an idea. I firmly believe the advantages of technology greatly outweigh the disadvantages that are associated with progress.

Maybe I was too young in the past to notice this, but the cynicism associated with Google Glass is rather surprsing. The pushback and the hatred that has bubbled up due to Glass is actually sickening. (Read the comments that threaten to kill those who wear Glass.)


Here we have masses of journalist (technology and mainstream alike) attack and criticize a product (and product category for that matter) that they have yet to even use themselves. It’s a human flaw to attack and be weary of the unknown, but I thought that these professionals would have a sense of professionalism before they write. How can they criticize a product from a category of tech that they have never used?

What has happened to the world’s collective sense of amazement and wonder with new technology? What has happened to that sense of "Woah, I’m carrying a computer in my backpack!" or "Wow, I have access to the all the world’s information in my pocket!"

Where is the: "Woah, I’m wearing a computer on my head that can pull up the world’s collective knowledge and capture the beauty of the world around us?"

Maybe it’s a given for the previous generation to criticize what the present has come up with. To criticize what is new because it is so different from they are use to. Maybe it requires a new generation that has yet to be tainted with cynicism to appreciate and see the benefits provided by Glass. A new generation that grows up with the idea of wearable computing being a norm.

As to why I’m writing this? I feel it is important to address this attitdue now. Like it or not, Glass and wearable computing is the next wave of technology, or at the very least a possibility of what the future of computing has to hold. People are currently attacking a technology that is in its infancy. They are attacking the very early stages of what the future might be. To me that is a very dangerous attitude. Where will these people stop?

At the very least, can we give Google Glass and the idea of wearable computing a real chance of succeeding before tar and feathering it. A chance to allow this technology to prove itself on it merits and not the preconceived conceptions of people.