50-billion downloads approaching - is it all that good?

Apple likes to say that the App Store is the most vibrant ecosystem on the planet. And yes, I can't deny that as it is already reaching 50 billion downloads in such a short period of time.

However, Apple has a lot of problems to solve in the App Store. These aren't small problems; if these issues remain unresolved, the whole ecosystem is going to be screwed up.


1. Full Trial Version for Paid Apps

- Full-featured (maybe for certain games, only certain stages need to be playable)

- Evaporate after a designed period of time

- Help us to test out the value of the app, and if the app is good, the developer earns more money; if the app is bad, the developers earns less money!!!

2. Paid Updates

- In-app purchases are limited in their scope of change.

- Enable developers to improve their apps significantly and get rewarded accordingly for their work

- Helps to clean up the whole app store. There are just too many similarly named apps.

3. More revenue for developers

- Apple, do you still need to take 30% of the entire revenue to keep the servers running? You are already earning so much money, I am sure 10% is enough; or just give everything to the developers. Many are having a hard time sustaining their businesses.

4. General Pricing Needs to be Higher

People need to get rid of the notion that anything more than 1 dollar for a mobile application is 'expensive' !!! We easily spend a few dollars on a bar of chocolate for 5 minute satisfaction, whereas a 5 dollar app can benefit us forever. If we want developers to continuously make great apps, we have to be willing to pay them accordingly. Or else we may end up with crappy free apps dominating the App Store.

While end user features and changes are the most anticipated things for iOS 7, iOS 7 seriously needs a big change for developers as well. I really hope Apple does address these issues in iOS 7 as much as I want to see Jony Ive come up to the stage and demo as a new user interface :)