Nokia 928 Xenon flash photo sample

For all the people who think the photo quality of the 928 will be exactly the same as the 920 because they both have the same camera optics they need to think again. The 928 will be running PR2.0 firmware which has been tweaked to enhance daylight quality as well as white balance issues. This firmware will hopefully trickle down to existing 920 phones in the form of the Windows Phone GDR2 update due next month. One area the 920 will be unable to match the 928 is flash photography, the Xenon flash is much more versatile. Xenon-flash-test_medium


The Optical Image Stabilization in the Nokia Lumia 920 and 928 offers blur-free pictures by compensating for motion of your hand, but what if your subject is moving, like a busy scene in low light when long shutter times will just create motion artefacts everywhere? That’s where the Xenon flash, which delivers short pulses of light at high intensity on the Nokia Lumia 928 comes in. As can be seen in the picture above, the flash is powerful enough to provide the short shutter times needed to allow the Nokia Lumia 928 to freeze the motion of the fan blades. The top picture shows what it would look like without the Xenon flash.