The Verge Magazine for Newsstand?

The Loop has just recently released a magazine for Newsstand, and TNW has had one in the Newsstand store for a while now. Frankly, they're GREAT. Along with Marco Arment's The Magazine, these show how the iOS-only-medium has a huge potential for highlighting well-written and developed stories.

Since The Verge is VERY good at writing long articles, I think it would be great to compile them into a bi-weekly (twice a month) or monthly magazine. It doesn't seem very hard, since you guys are already fantastic at formatting great articles on the website, so why not give it a try? Though I'd prefer if you put out a magazine for free like TNW does, I'm sure many will also buy it if you put it out for a paid subscription - and is a great way to have some monetization for the site. I still think it should be free though, ha! It would also give that immovable Newsstand app on my iPad a more practical use...

What do you guys think? Can it be done? Would love to hear from Verge staffers and forum members!