1 Google Accounts, multiple email-addresses, real name, etc.; A potentially complicated question.

A little factual background, and timeline of events. Please read it all, to fully understand the context of the question.

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  • I have a personal Google account that is fully integrated with the entire suite of Google products, including Google+. My real name is associated with it, etc. I am okay with that, and that is intentional. Let's call it "Account A".

  • I also have a separate, dedicated Google account for a business entity that is not fully integrated into Google. That is, it does not have a Google+ profile (or rather, no longer has one), but it does have Gmail access. I originally set that address up to manage a Google+ page. Because the account is for business purposes, I do not want my real name associated with that account. Let's call that account "Account B".

  • When setting up Account B, because how how Google is pushing Google+, I was required to enter in my first and last name. This doesn't make sense however, because I already have an account I use for "me" (Account A). It was redundant.

  • Account B was then automatically set up with Google+, even though I already had a personal Google+ profile (under Account A, a different email address). Regardless, under Account B, I set up a Google+ page (for the business entity), and never really used the Google+ profile. Semantics are important in that paragraph.

  • I then added my "actual" Google account (Account A) as a manager of that Google+ page.

  • I have since transferred ownership of said Google+ page from Account B, to Account A.

  • Just now, I removed Google+ functionality from Account B.

  • When in Gmail, in Account A, I have set up access to Account B (via the "Add Account" button, NOT EMAIL FORWARDING).

  • But because I was required to enter in my real name when setting up the account for Account B, my real name, as it relates to Account B, still appears in that "switch accounts" interface, even though I removed Google+ functionality.

  • When in Gmail for Account B, changing the "Send mail as" name does not change the fact my real name is displayed with Account B, in the "switch accounts" interface.


What I would like to do, or to know if it is possible, is NOT have my real name displayed or associated with Account B. HOW DO I REMOVE MY FULL NAME FROM ACCOUNT B?

I understand it takes time for the technicalities of the deactivation of Google+ to propagate across Google, but I am concerned that Account B, an account not intended for personal use, will from now on be associated with my real name.

Is there any definitive word from Google about this? Is there a way to "fully downgrade" (that is, remove the association to a real name) from a Google account?

When, if at all, will this "full downgrade" eventually happen?

I cannot be the only one with this issue.

In my case, it isn't really about privacy concerns, so much as it is about the non-intuitive nature of how Google accounts now work.

I'll probably be posting this on the "Official" Google Product forums, but most of the time, they are honestly a ghost town regarding official answers from Google. It's mostly all speculation from non-MVPs.

Sorry for the rambling guys, I hope I was clear enough.