Rethinking Metro Apps: A Redesign of Xbox Music


So this is just one completed copy of my Xbox Music redesign. I have more images and .psds, but I'm still working on them, and I'll update this post when they are complete. The main principles I had in this redesign: 1. Add visual representation to the app bar. Those three dots are present on Windows Phone, and the simple addition of a visual cue would make it easier for users. Plus, when the app bar is minimized, users can access commands without opening the app bar (like scrubbing through a song, a feature that should be available all throughout the app). 2. Make ads less obtrusive. Simple, and that means no obnoxious pop up ads, video ads, etc. There's monetizing a product wisely, and then there's Xbox Music, whose functionality is greatly hampered by ads. 3. Clean up Metro design and reuse start screen principles. That means shared spacing, better font usage, pinning favorite content, make sure the app bar doesn't overlap onscreen elements, and other things found in my other redesign product: Comments or questions? I'm open to constructive criticism! I'm still tweaking this and more images are to come soon.