Because of bigger phones, Android could use a redesign

First thing first, i dont have small hands.

But i find it difficult to go back within an app with PIE controls on because the upper-left corner of the screen is a stretch to reach with my right thumb.. i have no other problems with two-handed use.

well i figured i'd just use the back button in the PIE control navigation or the back button in the nav dock area for when im not using PIE controls... thats a viable solution, but then i think, what good is that navigation area up at the top of the apps then?

it would be nice if nav elements in apps were at the bottom of the screen (if they're going to be there at all) since phones are getting bigger.

if the back button on the nav dock or PIE control is ur go to button then how do u feel the nav controls at the top are redundant??

this is just one example of redundancy in Android.. it's all over the place, but that discussion is for another day.