WP Homescreen Deadspace - UPDATED

Anyone notice how in new handset press photos they always show the Windows Phone homescreen with the top row of tiles all the way up to the top of the screen, but when you get the phone and scroll it there seems to be a lot of dead space between the status bar and the tiles?

Press photos are always designed to show off the phones to their best advantage. To really highlight the "sexyness" of a new device. So if photographers and graphics designers think that the phone screens look the best when there is no space between the staus bar and the first row of tiles when fully scrolled, why doesn't Microsoft? I don't see the point in the deadspace myself.

This one doesn't show the status bar, but you get the picture. I like the way the tiles are right to the top, maximizing real estate:


via www.1800pocketpc.com

This one shows the gap between the status bar and the tiles:


via i.i.com.com

Looks like the new "leaks" for the 925 are the same. It's always been something that has bothered me about my Windows Phones.


So it seems I'm in the minority when it comes to the deadspace/whitespace/negative space and that's ok. It really is just a personal preference. I wanted to update instead of saying the same things to multiple people.

I definitely see the need for space on the screen and I certainly don't advocate for filling the homescreen wall to wall with icons. I simply think that the use case for this particular area is flawed. People are saying that it serves as a spot for toasts, and while I see the benefit of not having your icons covered up, what happens when your scrolled down? the white/dead/neg space is gone and the toasts still need to appear. Am I wrong here? I had to get rid of my WP last week due to work support or I would check.

There's talk about the space that got axed on the right .. that's a different story because that negative space exists throughout the scrolling area. For some reason, I didn't really dislike that one the same as I do this one. I appreciated the additional icons as I'm sure others did and don't really see how else they could have done that withought sacrificing the space.

Anyway again, it's merely a matter of preference.