The Reason smaller phones fail?

It's the OEM's im looking at you guys Samsung,HTC i'd name some others but they arent worth it.

It's these guys' fault that smaller phones dont catch on, why? because they neuter them at birth ,whether it be a weak and feeble SoC, or a shit screen, or a camera that would make first gen iPhone owners laugh, or internal memory that's barely enough to hold Android it'self, reasons like this, are the reason that they dont catch on.

but it's a bit of a catch 22 "yeah but no one is buying the small phones so how do they know the small high end phone will sell"

there is a reason the smaller phones they tried to sell before didnt sell, they all had a compromise, lets have a look shall we :

HTC First : appalingly bad camera and low internal storage

Samsung Galaxy S III Mini : Bad screen,bad camera,weak-ass SoC,low internal memory & a battery that barely lasts

HTC One S : that screen, and the storage again, and the battery again

Motorola RAZR M/i : That screen again

companies are neutering the smaller phones because they either dont know they will sell, or they dont want them to sell, lets take the long awaiting HTC M4 , i can almost guarantee you it uses a snapdragon 400, i can also almost guarantee it'll have 1GB of RAM, essentially it's going to be a first with BoomSound.**

"but that doesnt sound so bad, everyone loved the first" yeah but its not the point, the first hasnt got high tech specifications, if the M4 is the One in a smaller body, and i mean spec for Spec (apart from the screen obviously, that'll be the 4.3" 720p panel), Snapdragon 600, 4UP Camera , 32GB of on-board storage, 2GB RAM "unibody Aluminium shell" the lot of it, if it is quite litterally an HTC One with a 4.3" screen, then write off this post, but, even if we dont want to admit it we all already kinda know that the M4 is a First with boomsound in a shrunken down One body, and that sucks.

imagine if the Galaxy S III Mini was actually a Smaller Galaxy S III like was rumoured, could you imagine a 4.3" 720p AMOLED (i dont care for Pentile at that PPI i'll take it) screen ,and a Quad-Core Exynos processor and 1GB of RAM, that great 8MP camera all in a slimline body, that would have been worth something getting excited over.

but unfortunatly we might see the same trend over with the GS4 Mini , 4.3" qHD screen,Dual-Core SoC, 8MP camera. Again, imagine if the GS4 Mini was just a shrunken Down GS4? what if it had the Snapdragon 600, or the Exynos 5 Octa? and a 13MP camera, and 2GB of RAM what if it was litterally a smaller GS4?

there is a reason that smaller phones dont sell well, it's the OEMs , they Neuter it

Or maybe im ust a dude with tiny hands and think things should get better not bigger

**I forgot to mention, theres a reason HTC wont want to stuff the M4 full of specs, because it'd compete with the One, their Flagship, and in the state HTC are in they cant afford to be cannibalising anything at the moment, so they'll make a few compromises here and there and effectively, turn it into a Firstwith BoomSound, and it wont sell as well, and HTC can say "well we made a smaller phone and people didnt buy as many of them as they did the One" and then they wont want to make a smaller phone again, because of what happened this time round, and he cycle starts again.