Announcing Google+ integration

Many of you have written in to support requesting this feature, and I'm excited to announce that we have been working hard to bring Google+ Sign-In to The Verge and the other Vox Media properties -- SB Nation and Polygon. Google+ integration means that you can easily share your favorite Verge stories with your friends and social circles with the click of a button. New users will be able to set up an account on The Verge using Google+ to authenticate, and existing users will also have the ability to link their Verge account with Google+ to enable special features.

The Google+ Share buttons can be found in the social buttons next to or in the header photo of an article.


If you're an existing user, you can associate your account with Google+ by signing in to your account and clicking on ‘account settings.' Under ‘Third Party Login,' click on ‘Login with G+' and enter your authentication information.


As an added bonus, if you are an Android user and you sign up for a Verge account with Google+ on a desktop browser, Google Play will ask if you'd like to download the Verge app for your Android device over-the-air with the click of a button.


Log in and check out these new features today!