Daft Punk: Masters of Stereo

I was just listening to some of the songs on the R.A.M album, and I was listening to "Lose yourself to dance" when realised that Daft Punk are just superior when in comes to using stereo. It's as if there are two people standing in each ears whispering the sounds into my ears in succession. You can feel the depth. The mix of sounds is just phenomenal but then again it's Daft Punk so it's expected.

"Come On. Come On. Come On. Come On. Come On. Come On. Come On. Come On. Come On. Come On."

Love it. And Pharrell kills it.


Nile Rodgers is a master of the guitar. His style is so apparent and it just make the rhyme pop. Both in "Get Lucky" and "Lose yourself to dance"


Aside that, the album is so diverse. I expected that but seeing as there was a list of collaborators but like every song feels like its from a different genre but ultimately the underlining electro ties it all together.

"Get Lucky" and "Lose yourself to dance" are my personal favourites right now. "Contact" is all weird and conspiracy-like, I don't know why but the ending freaked me out a little and my head was hurting after. Coincidence? I don't think so.

Giorgio by Moroder is also good. At the end I felt like the beat was drilling into my head.

Have you guys heard it? Which do you guys like?