De-evolutionizing Technology

Technology in todays society has gotten to a point of integration that we simply cannot function outside of its ecosystem. Tech is in every aspect of our lives even if we try to step away from it to take a breath. You may ask the question, how about all those who do not rely on technology to fuel their lives? Wether we see it or fail to recognize it, is our own organic ineptitude towards real progress. A person who lives in the country still relies on machinery to do their job. People without access to new technology still get their information from television or a newspaper.

Aside from phone computers and the Internet to view the world around us, cell phones to emotionlessly chatter to one another at a distance and sometimes in the same building in separate rooms. The question that has been bothering my brain has been, have we been led astray from organic progress?. I agree that the small amount of cultures around the world that have never used these forms of mediums show no signs of this progression of the mind. The bigger picture states that ass a collective in huge numbers, say worldwide, might have a greater unconscious need to fix its issue with communication and work more efficiently without the rudimentary ways that we have scratched the itch in our history. Invention is a blessing and a curse. We tend to solve our problems wether big or small, with physical mechanical solutions that do a good enough job to appease our minds. Then we mechanically improve upon the idea.

Scientists everyday are coming to realizations that our bodies and brains play a bigger role in what we are capable of, on massive levels. Whistle blowers through out history recount stories and first hand experiences of projects on expanding the human mind, remote viewing, telepathy, Teleportation, Telekinesis and so on. Our brains have this natural organic need to progress and make solutions our minds problems with everyday needs. To do things more efficiently and at a faster rate is in our DNA.

As technology progresses we get the illusion that is is rapidly accelerating and getting more advanced with each iteration, Yet it still seems like we have yet to get anywhere with it. Yes we can make infrastructures faster and more secure, allowing your Facebook the load faster and provide snappier and quicker results. The same question still stands out in my head, if technology had never been introduced into our species cultural evolution, could we have achieved the same level of progress and communication organically? if not far beyond what we could do now.
I pose another question, what if technology that was implemented or an evolutionary viral glitch within our species culture, was meant to halt or threw us off of our natural evolutionary tipping point to progress us to a time where we could achieve the same amount of connectivity that technology provides, but naturally, without distraction?

The idea that technology as it is now seems to pacify our need to naturally take the next steps in our evolutionary progress. Instead of our minds taking its next steps in what it can accomplish, it is appeased with what it thinks it has accomplished in a mechanical way. So in a sense we have devolved our minds potential with replacing mental growth with an illusion of growth in the form of a mechanical replacement. Technology truly does let us reach farther into what we could not do without it, but maybe that's the point. Without the Internet, machines, cell phones, and television, we might have been able to figure out these problems mentally. I love tech as much as the next nerd, but maybe it stunts our evolutionary growth just a bit.