Jony Ive needs to be repackaged into Steve Job's successor

As WWDC approaches, and Scott Forstall ousted, I'm wondering whether Jony Ive will take a more upfront position for the first time at the keynote. This would be a VERY smart move for Apple.

Jony has A LOT of good vibes, good press, and just an overall positive mindshare. He is well known for being a creative genius, and even Steve Job's "spiritual successor." But he is largerly unkown to the general public. Everyone knew Steve Jobs, and almost everyone now knows Tim Cook...but very few average people know Jony Ive.

By representing Jony Ive as the creative successor to Steve Jobs, and bringing him into the limelight at keynotes, it may dispel a lot of doubter's view that Steve Jobs was essential for Apple to thrive. No one else at Apple has this ability.

Furthermore, as Jony Ive now heads the hardware design and iOS design teams, he is the personification of Apple's tight hardware/software integration philosophy.

I know it hasn't been his style in the past, but this should change. Does anyone think at the very least he will take over Scott Forstall's job and present iOS 7 to the public? This would be a great move for Apple.