Can I have a wireless second monitor?

Hi guys,

I just posted this in the hacks/DIY section, then I noticed how few commenters there are in there so I thought I better come back here if I want an answer anytime soon...also, its apple related...

I have a question for you:

I have a second monitor that I mostly just use for movies and TV played from my MBP (13", early 2011). The monitor only has VGA input and I currently use a mini display port to VGA adapter and a long VGA cable because I keep the monitor on the other side of the room. I then have a long headphone cable to take the audio to my stereo when I want decent sound.

Obviously, this set up is pretty half-arsed and not only that, but my mini display port connection is starting to drop out because of the pressure from the long, thick lead.

I was thinking of getting a logitech bluetooth wireless adapter for the audio:

But what about the video...? I want to be able to watch movies through VLC and also watch netflix, iplayer and utube etc... up there. I understand Apple TV will only work with HDMI, I'm not sure whether Roku will work through VGA, or if it will have the functionality I'm after.

Do you guys know of any other options, or should I just bite the bullet and shell out for a new HDMI monitor/TV and an ATV/Roku?

Any advice greatly appreciated,