Dedicated shutter button for iPhone 5S

So one simple and minor change for the 5S would be the addition of a dedicated shutter button. Currently on the iPhone you can press either of the volume buttons to snap a picture or start recording a clip, which is good. But why not make it better?


Here is how I'd like the button layout of the iPhone 5S to be:

Left side: Ring/Silent switch.

Right side: Volume up and down, shutter button.

Now let me explain why. I've noticed that most people turn the iPhone to the left when putting it in landscape mode (Home Button towards the right hand), I think this might be something right-handed people do naturally but I'm not sure. Therefore it would make a lot of sense to place the camera control buttons accordingly on the right side. A dedicated shutter button also frees up the volume buttons which now can fill the obvious function of zoom buttons!

Additionally the shutter button would mean that you have an OS-wide shortcut to the Camera app at all times! And last but not least, the button would be a two-stage button meaning that pressing it to the first stage would focus the image before snapping the picture.

Did I miss any benefits? Do you see any downsides with a shutter button? And please don't say that you don't want the buttons so switch sides, cause it's just a matter of established habits. After one week with the new layout, you'll have forgotten all about the old one.


Do you think the iPhone should have a red flashing recording light on the back?