iOS blah blah OSX blah blah... anyone excited for an iWorks update?

no one seems to be talking much about whether or not Apple will release a new iWorks suite this June. IMO, Pages and Numbers are two of my favorite desktop productivity applications after Adobe's Creative Suite. Coming from years of working with Word and Excel (both made me want to rip my hair out), Pages and Numbers were a breath of fresh air. The layout capabilities on Pages the first time I saw them pretty much blew my hair back. I didn't know they were possible in a word processing app. The fact that it also works well on the iPad is great, too.

Granted, they're not perfect, but they're still better than anything else I've used to date. Sooooo I think it's about time we see a new version with even better features and UI/UX...

Anyone else eager to see what they have in store? What features would you like to see?