Ramblings of a disgruntled Windows Phone user

I own a Lumia 920.

I regret my Lumia purchase heavily. I love the hardware, it's superior to any consumer electronic I've owned. I just want to change so many things about Windows Phone 8 that are relatively minor, but clearly have proven an insurmountable challenge for a multi-billion dollar corporation to solve.

1) Rotation lock. It's absurd. There isn't even an option in the settings.

2) Fix multitasking. The current set up is clunky, and it's tedious to kill apps. It also makes no sense how multi threads in an app have their own multitasking windows, like messaging. It's just worse than Android, WebOS, Meego and BB10.

3) The Music tile and Bing/Xbox Music info have actually degraded in functionality since WP7, which is sort of hilarious. Artist photos no longer appear and the whole app is borked.

4) The music controls now hide themselves after 1-2 seconds on the lockscreen... not sure who likes this

5) Custom Text Tones

6) Wifi still turns off after the screen is locked. They said they were going to update this months ago.

7) Bing Music search is still garbage compared to Soundhound and Google Music Search.

8) Bing is the default on the search button with no way to switch to Google. You can change the browser search, so why not the search button?

9) The back button is useless when multi tasking. Say I jump back into the music app after doing something in the messaging app. I can not hit the back button to bring myself to change artists or anything, it just kills the app.

10) TellMe is still crap compared to Google Now and Siri. No denying that.

11) The marketplace app does not inform me that apps have updates available and there is no way to force it. Sometimes it shows the updates, sometimes it doesn't.

12) The snails pace of the WP development cycle. Updates take eons, and there is no transparency as to when and what is coming out in the future. Microsoft does not even seem like it's trying.