Dont get me wrong, I`m a big fan of the Nokia-Microsoft duo, but I cant help but feel a Little dissapointed. Earlier today, I was feeling all peachy about the Nokia anouncement, I did all in my power to get home in time to watch it live (5:00 pm in Chile), thing that I achieved. I started watching it, and by the 5:00 mark I was so bored (they had already introduced the 925) I closed that window and continued with my life. An hour latter, I was curious about what had happened, so I went to The Verge, saw about 5 different articles about the device thinking that I had missed something, but I didnt. I`m not entirely sure about the utility of the 925 in the Lumia line, and the 928, I mean I dont understand why Nokia made them. I think they should stop with this half baked 6 month cicle, releasing a great and inovative product (800 and 920) by November-ish, and by May-ish release an "upgrade" (900 and 925/928) that is not really an upgreade, because: Changes from the 800 to the 900: front facing camera, bigger display (with less ppi) and US carrier support. Changes from the 920 to the 925/928: OLED screen (taste), both are slimmer and lighter, with their design improvements being relative to the person´s taste... that´s it. In fact, in some aspecs the 925 is worse than the 920: the 925 has 16 gb of internal storage, (920 has 32) and to use wireless charging with the 925 you have to buy a cover, which kind of defeats the purpose of having that feature. In the end, I think Nokia should move to e 12 month cicle, and stop making carrier exclusive pones.