Tablet Shoppers Wanted for Academic Research!

Hey guys,

I am a graduate student from CBS. (Copenhagen Business School) and I am a fascinated tablet user just like you.

So, for my E-Commerce class, I want to conduct some research about tablet shopper behavior.

There is no need to tell you guys that there is currently a debate going on that tablets are increasingly replacing stationary computers in terms of online shopping. Terms like "Couch Commerce" emerged and claim that tablet users find themselves in a favorable shopping mood.

This is my research subject. I want to find out more about your tablet shopping style.

Until Sunday 19th of May it is my goal to get 100 answers, which highly depends on your (and your friends') help. Your participation is anonymous and the gathered data will be used for my own personal academic use only!

It only has 12 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete.

I would highly appreciate if you could simply share my link with friends, family or colleagues which are shopping with their tablets as well.

In turn I am willing to share my insights from the survey or even my final paper, simply send me your e-mail address.

(tablet friendly) Link

Big up!