galaxy s4 sales estimates are in.... but will it surpass the s3 in the long run?

As of Friday, we have sold more than 6 million units, and we predict that we could break the 10-million mark by as early as the end of this month," a Samsung executive told the Chosun Ilbo on May 10.

In comparison, Samsung’s last bestselling smartphone, the Galaxy S3 sold 3 million handsets in 21 days, while the Samsung Galaxy S2 sold as many phones in 55 days, and the Samsung Galaxy S took 85 days to sell that many units.

Demand for the Samsung Galaxy S4 was apparent well before its release as the smartphone garnered 10 million pre-orders globally in the first two weeks after its announcement, which is up from the 9 million pre-orders the Samsung Galaxy S3 saw in its 2012 pre-release.

What remains is to see how the Samsung Galaxy S4 will fair against the Galaxy S3 in the long run. Hailed as the best and fastest selling smartphone in the world in 2012, the Galaxy S3 sold 20 million handsets in its first 100 days of release and over 50 million units overall. Samsung has notably announced a lofty sales goal of 100 million Galaxy S4 handsets in 2013.

as of may 10, more than 6 million sold