Google and hardware: More to come?

In recent years, starting (to my knowledge) with android, Google has been breaking out of its search engine and online services shell and into the the OS market. Google has become more than just a search engine and has found itself with a cult following of loyal fans. Android has become the biggest mobile OS in the world and is still growing, with less success (much less) is the Chrome OS, a still growing, and a still niche OS developed by Google as a way to keep people on the web where their influence is strongest. Now, Google is making their own hardware, and as far as I'm concerned, It's some pretty top notch hardware. Everything from the Nexus 4 to the Chromebook Pixel is phenomenal as far as hardware is concerned.

Do you think, mayhaps in the distant future, there will be a Google similar to Apple? Perhaps one not where they would make 100% of their hardware, but a good portion of it. I have no evidence of it happening, but I thought it was an interesting concept none the less and I would love to hear your opinions on the matter and the quality of Google's hardware. I certainly think Google is big enough to do this, after all, Google is a household name and a verb at this point, but this doesn't mean this will happen. Anyway, just a thought to ponder on.