Hardware, Software, App changes to improve Windows Phone...

Just wanted to get a jist of what people here would want for an improvement in their phones. What features would you like that are on other platforms, what features would you like that are not on any platforms. What breakthrough feature do you think Microsoft needs to break down the barriers and have app as well as customer parity and be a real 3rd place contender (Mircosoft currently have "3rd" place by default, 3 - 5% isn't exactly a strong position to be in)


Plausible/Already mentioned

  • 1080p screen
  • 5" and above (Note screen size)
  • 64gb in size
  • 2gb ram
  • Good battery
  • Micro sd slot (can be hard to implement in some phones)
  • Charge port at the bottom (easier to charge when using the phone for navigation in the car)


Plausible/Already mentioned:

  • Orientation lock
  • Notification Centre (It is Centre because I am English!)
  • Separate ringer/main volume and easier way to toggle ringer/vibrate/silent
  • Quick resume, for all apps (actual multitasking)
  • Tile notifications in the app list
  • Smart dialer
  • Full phone search
  • Ability to remove address bar in IE, or at least only show when you get to the 'top' of that particular page you are scrolling
  • Tap/swipe to close in Multitasking (Closing apps are a pain!)
  • More than 6 tabs in Internet Explorer (what is this, 2008?)
  • Ability to choose the wallpaper, even the options in Windows 8 would be nice
  • Wifi/bluetooth/NFC toggles
  • The ability to copy and paste phone numbers into the phone dialer
  • Ability to attach actual things to e-mails. How can they tout this (Windows phone) as a business phone when you can only attach one type of file per e-mail. Want to attach a pdf AND a picture to an e-mail? Who would do such a thing!!


  • Temple Run 2
  • Bad Piggies
  • Punch Quest
  • Snapchat
  • Infinity Blade
  • Forza
  • Instagram
  • Banking apps (regional variations etc)
  • Pintrest
  • GTA
  • Street fighter
  • Paper
  • Medical apps
  • The Verge
  • Nike fitness app

Totally crazy suggestions:


  • Portrait Qwerty Keyboard ala Dell Venue Pro (I CAN'T be the only one who prefers keyboards on their phones)
  • Notification light ala Blackberry - One of the best features of my old blackberry, so much more than 'Glance and go' compared to Windows Phone


  • Profiles (Such as Home/Work/ Busy/Normal...etc) with the ability to set a different profile depending on the time of day, e.g Work prodile 9-5, normal at 5-10, silent at 12-6 etc....maybe even based on GPS location (Didn't Microsoft do this for Android??)
  • Always on Clock on Lockscreen ala Meego
  • Flip to silence (not sure if this is present in some current Lumia phones)
  • The ability to code for Windows phone 8, without needing to have Windows 8 (not an actual software suggestion, obviously)
  • My old phone Sony Ericsson w950, you could go to the contacts screen, using the pen (or your finger) write the name of the person you wanted to go to the profile to on the screen and the phone would recognise what you wrote and jump to that list.
  • The ability to hack/jailbreak the phone. You can do it with iPhone and Android, why not Windows (I'm aware of the virus/security issues, but it would be good to be able to totally customise the phone)
  • USB sync to outlook
  • Voice commands to do actual things. I use Bluetooth headphones a lot, even things like "What is the time" or "What is the weather today" or "Play Daft Punk Touch" should be manageable with Windows Phone
  • Video store
  • Custom Text tones and ringtone maker that is baked into the OS and not a separate app.
  • Wifi always on
  • BRING BACK MUSIC CONTROLS TO THE WALLPAPER...who decided to make them disappear after 2 seconds?!!!
  • The ability to switch accounts, without having to hard reset my phone.
  • Full back-up of apps, as well as start screen arrangements (I'm pretty sure this is possible in Windows 8, change computer with same account your apps all appear)


  • Halo type game/app
  • Google Now
  • BBM
  • iTunes (Wont happen, but the majority of people who buy music do it through iTunes, and syncability is important to them)

Just so this isn't a post to look like I am bashing Microsoft. Things they have done very well.

Live tiles, facebook/twitter/linkedin integration, Nokia apps (all of them), OIS imaging + Carl Zeiss. 3rd party/apps lockscreen integration, Office. Wireless charging, NFC, Data sense, wallet, smartglass

Things they haven't done well:

  • Minumum/Maximum specs, too slow to progress.
  • Kids Corner, Family Room (does anybody use or request these two features?)
  • Live tiles (both a blessing and a curse, as they are very useful and poorly implemented by most third party apps)
  • A LOT of poorly designed apps look exactly the same. I'm not a designer, but if it looks like I could have designed the app using Microsoft Paint, it isn't a well designed app.
  • OEM support, They started out with Dell, LG, Samsung, HTC, Acer, Fujitsu, ZTE and 10 launch devices. Now its only Nokia actually doing something with the platform.