Microsoft is holding back Nokia innovation

I've always believed this, too. While WP fans seem to be content with Nokia increasing their sales by a million or two every quarter. Nokia could've sold tens of millions of Android smartphones every quarter by now. They used to be in the range of Samsung, not in the range of ZTE or the "others" category. They are now in 10th place in smartphones - from being #1 a few years ago. And they keep dropping.

It's ridiculous to say WP8 is "saving" Nokia at this point. WP8 is holding Nokia back and turning them into a niche company, just like the OS itself. No matter how well Nokia will do in the WP market, it will always be limited by the size of WP market itself, even if Nokia owns 90% of it (90% of 3% is still very low), and the slow pace of WP's evolution (they are just now getting FM Radio - seriously?!).

This is not something Elop needs to be convinced of. Because Elop will NEVER agree to switch to Android. I think he'd rather resign than do that. He's a Microsoft employee - or rather was until a few months before he took the Nokia job. I think it's pretty obvious he came to Nokia to push Microsoft's platform and that alone. The people who need to be convinced are the board directors.

Unfortunately, Nokia's board doesn't have a track record of being "visionaries" or anything like that. And they'll usually procrastinate until the very last moment, just like they did with the CEO before Elop, who they should've fired a year or two after the iPhone came out, not 4 years after. But hopefully they'll see it better this time and stop wasting time, and replace the CEO or force him to use Android, and make great devices with Android (and not second rate left-overs from the Lumia ones).

Anyway, enough of my rant. Read the source article, too.