Back To Your Roots Verge, Please

I know that not many people will agree with me, and I'm used to that, but I really think The Verge needs to get back to their tech blog roots. They have begun to review movies, talk about news events that have nothing really to do with the technology we use everyday.

I come here for tech news. In my opinion The Verge delivers the best tech news on the planet. and does so in an awesome and professional manner. I don't come here for movie news, music news, terrorist news, or anything else. I have CNN for that.

In this age where we are bombarded with 24/7 cable coverage of events, I like to have different types of news outlets cover different things. What exactly did The Verge add to the Boston Bombing coverage that I couldn't get elsewhere? What value was there in an Iron Man 3 review? In many cases the coverage just added to the noise of the Internet.

I have no problem with The Verge staff giving us their opinion on things like Iron Man 3, or having a discussion about the Boston Bombing, but that is stuff for the forums, not the main site. That is not what The Verge is for.

Don't get me wrong. I understand the importance of covering things outside of technology. This is a wonderful world we all live in, and we tend to get caught up in what the next phone is going to be, what Apple is going to do next, how Nokia is going to survive and so on. The real world matters more than the technology world.

Again, I know this is probably just me. I want a tech blog, not a news magazine. This isn't 60 Minutes. I'll go to CNN and NBC for my news, news, and I'll come to The Verge for my tech news. When the two intermingle, things don't look as professional.

I know one of the main responses to this will be to just ignore the coverage I don't care for, which of course is true. I just don't want The Verge to take on too much. I really dislike it when the real world encroaches on my technology or my sports. Absolutely things like the Boston bombings should be mentioned, but not covered, like The Verge did for three weeks. This is a tech blog, not a new version of CNN.