Phone, Tablet, PC... What do you think of this solution for 2014?

Hey everyone!

At the moment I'm using a Lumia 920, an iPad 4 and an almost 4 year old HP Pavillion running Windows 8.

I'll keep with the Lumia 920 until 2015 because it is a fantastic phone.

The iPad 4, I'm not sure. I like it for the apps, but it's a terrible device for productivity tasks like Office and note taking. I had a Samsung ATIV Smart PC when it launched but Samsung just makes cheap products and in just 2 weeks I was already going for the third ATIV because they were full of problems. That's when I got the iPad 4.

My laptop is almost 4 years old, I'm not sure how much longer it will last. It got better when I installed Windows 8 on it, but still, the fan is really noisy, the battery is gone, and it's too big and heavy to actually use it as a portable device.

So here is my plan for 2014:

- Keep the Lumia 920.

- Buy an iPad Mini 2 just for apps and games (and get rid of the iPad 4).

- Buy some new BayTrail W8 tablet to replace my laptop (where I can do my Office and note taking tasks with a real Wacom stylus on the go and also download my torrents).

What do you guys say about this solution? Any better options?