Internet Explorer 10---Top browser for malware protection

Mirror mirror on the wall, who blocks malware best of them all? We’ve all heard the stories. Chrome? Firefox? Maybe even Safari or Opera? The answer, according to the latest test results released by NSS Labs, is Internet Explorer 10.



NSS Labs tested the top five browsers on the market-IE 10, Google Chrome 25/26, Apple Safari 5, Mozilla Firefox 19, and Opera 12. The results showed IE 10 to be the winner, blocking 99 percent of malicious downloads that NSS had thrown at it. Finishing behind IE 10 was Google Chrome, with a block rate of about 83 percent. A 10 percent improvement over its past tests.

NSS Labs asserted that a crucial part in Chrome’s performance increase was due to the addition of a safe browsing API. "Google’s Safe Browsing API v2 includes additional application reputation-based download protection that has been integrated into Chrome, but not into Firefox or Safari and the results speak for themselves," NSS said.



"The latest API’s additional functionality is seven times more effective than the Safe Browsing API alone and accounts for 73.16 percent of Chrome’s overall block rate of 83.16 percent. Without the application reputation service," it added, "Chrome, Firefox, and Safari all have block rates of around 10 percent."

Past NSS Labs tests