Are you going to buy the Galaxy S4 Google Edition? (little update added)

Whoa!. That was something amazing to see. A bootloader unlocked, stock 4.2.2 Android running, up-to-date updates straight from Google Galaxy S4 (top-notch hardware). The 16GB of storage capacity (Google's trademark) is a dissapointment but with microSD slot I can forgive them.

The offer is REALLY compelling but the device is pretty expensive (at least for me here in my developing country) so the questions are: Would you buy this phone? Are you willing to pay that money to get it?

**UPDATE**: I'm asking this because now I'm in a huge dilemma of whether I should choose a Nexus 4, save more and get this Galaxy S4 Google Edition or just wait for Nexus 5 to come at the end of the year (with strong will, I can do that). So please let me know guys what you think and why. Thank you!

**UPDATE 2**: I see a lot of people praising about the camera of the Google GS4 being better than the Nexus 4 but as I said in a comment:

The only way I see the camera being better is if Samsung’s camera and picture processing software is present on the device which I bet 100% it’s not since Barra clearly said that this was going to have a CLEAN Android experience. So for me, the camera argument (unless you’re a megapixel lover) is unacceptable