Why All the Negativity?

Google delivered so many things people asked for yet the dominant these are that IO is a disappointment, Hangouts is flop, the S4 Google is stupid, etc. Why?

Google delivered:

Music subscription service

New Cards UI to Google Books, and Music

Voice search to Chrome

Reminders, battery efficient GPS, and contextual awareness to Search

New UI for desktop and mobile Google Maps

Play Games Service with leaderboards, multiplayer, in game chat, and cloud save states and is cross platform.

Cloud syncing of app data

A unified messenger that's only missing Voice but promised Voice integration in the near future.

A Nexus S4

A brand new Android dev environment (this is a lot bigger than it sounds)

Update of Google TV to Android 4.2.2.

So why are people screaming disappointment? Were you all expecting a magical X Phone with a 4K HD display and 10000 mah battery? Why do you hate Hangouts? Is it not better than having Talk, G+ Messenger, and G+ Hangouts separately? Why do you hate the Nexus S4? Everybody's been screaming for a stock Android device with top end specs that's a flagship. Now that it's here, all you can say is plastic and too expensive? Many of you are impossible to please.