Hangouts: "Your device isn't compatible with this version" quothe my Nexus 7

Well that just seems . . . odd. I open up with the Play Store on my Nexus 7, wanting to try out this potentially-disappointing app and . . . my device isn't compatible? Buhhh-whaa?

Am I just jumping the gun on this one, and perhaps there's some prosaic explanation liek an Android version higher than 4.2.2 that's going to roll out tomorrow, or is it because my device is rooted, or [insert other conspiracy theories]?

If I go to the web store it claims it's already installed on all my devices (which really just consists of my Nexus 7, another entry created for some reason of my Nexus 7 where it doesn't list my carrier, and then my two dead Nexi, a 4 and a 7---alas, poor digitizers, I touched you well). No option to uninstall Talk, either, just the "Disable" button that baked-in apps get.