Google+ and Auto Photo Enhance; Wasted opportunity or a sign of things to come?

I was playing around with Google+, taking in the changes and seeing what's new. Overall I like the changes, it feels like a visually pleasing way to view photos. That's mainly what I use Google+ for, it's like Flickr but without the crappy gif badges in the comments.

One thing I tried was the auto enhance on a photo. As a Lightroom user, I assumed I wouldn't make use of this and after trying it, my assumptions were confirmed. It seems to just crank up contrast and saturation, what i kind of expected. Any way, not something I'd want to use.

Then I started thinking, what if Google were to make a web app version of the Nik Software tools and build them into Google+? That would be interesting. What if in addition to an auto more, Google allowed users access to more advanced fine tuning? Suddenly becomes something much more appealing to more sophisticated photographers. Now Google+ become not only a place to showcase your photos but it's where you can process, organize and catalogue them as well. A one stop shop.

This would suddenly allow Google an easy in with disgruntled casual Adobe Photoshop users, who don't want to pay for Creative Cloud. It would also make the Chromebook Pixel make a lot more sense.

The downside would be having to upload RAW images, something anyone who's serious about photography would want to do. I'm not sure how they could solve that.

As mentioned, I'm a happy Lightroom user and if I'm honest even what I've suggested above probably wouldn't get me to ditch it. I do think there's a section of the market of casual photographers that this would work for. If anything it would be an interesting move, and a real push for getting some more advanced work done on the cloud.