Future Book Suggestions?

I love the Bookclub insights, will definitely have to spend more time in this section of the forums!

I listen to audiobooks while I restore antique furniture in my lonely workshop at the bottom of the world.Could I make some suggestions for future books?

"The Caves of Steel", a detective story with an Android sidekick!

"The Stars My Destination", self determination and confidence in an age of teleporting. Mentions of traditional New Zealand Maori tattoos! (These also feature in Enders Game, Mazer Rackem being "a half May-YORI Nuu ZEE-LAND-DER" according to the American narrator! (We would say "mah-ree New Zeal-linder. New does NOT rhyme with "do", Zeal should sound like "seal" and the second half matches "tinder" :-) )

"A Fire Upon The Deep", wonderful book, kind of reminds me of Enders Game. Very action packed, I love the idea of fast evolving AI, evolution in different worlds, talking "wolves" with a hivemind and human children thrown in the mix! Its kind of like 2001 A Space Odyssey come to think of it :-)

Brilliant classics! I think its hard for people outside of Australasia to get a copy, but one of my favourite stories of all time is Bryce Courtenays "The Power of One" I remember reading it aloud as a class, really moving for all of us. At the moment, I'm playing back the audiobook version to my partner. We lay in bed and listen to a 40m chapter at a time, its beautiful.

Thank you for all you discuss! I enjoy reading it :-)