Are there any "Metro" apps worth getting on non-touch PCs?

is it okay if I call it "Metro"? let's just call them Metro because I have no other words for em. I know some people hate that.

anywho, been enjoying W8 and have mostly been stuck in the traditional desktop. I feel like the Metro UI has been neglected, though. i'd like to spend more time in it. to be honest, I actually like the side-by-side window feature in this mode as opposed to traditional windows. SOME apps look really good, but I've only gone as far as look at screenshots.

I've installed maybe a handful of apps like Newegg and Dropbox... and Newegg is just horrible IMO. Really diggin Khan Academy. I enjoy it more than the iOS app.

any good suggestions? I'm open to anything as long as it's useful and well designed.