Hangouts missing features (Update 2)

I love & appreciate Hangouts and the work that Google has done to improve the overall experience. But they left some features of their existing services..

- Status of current user.

Go to a conversation. Faded out means offline & solid color means online.

- Talk's voice chat.

You can video chat with camera disabled but a voice icon in action bar would be nice.

- SMS integration.

These will make it the perfect messenger for me!

When you open the app, it asks to confirm phone number & there's SMS permissions so I think it's coming.

You can ask them to add these features. Menu > Send Feedback.

What other features do you you think it's missing?

Update: I found two SMS related icons in Hangouts.apk





You can also receive Hangouts as SMS. Set it in your Google Account Settings

Update 2: SMS integration confirmed by Googler