Programming help

Hi guys,

I would like to learn to program this summer. I already have some experience and I've made smaller Android and iOS apps but I forgot most of the stuff I knew so I wanna start fresh this summer.

So I'm looking for a few things:

- Recommend a good language ( I'm on a Mac, so recommend one that I can program on a mac)(and it should be useful)

- Recommend a good way to learn it (or to learn one in general) (I'm bad at learning the actually language, my logic it pretty good)


- Recommend what I would need for it (e.g.. Xcode)

I have the entire summer for this so I'm open to anything really thats useful. I'm thinking about re-learning Objective-C or Java but I never completely understood either of them and I could never learn the actual "language". I'm also thinking about Ruby (or Ruby on rails) but I don't see any actual use for it and again I have trouble with the words.