Thoughts (NOT CONCEPTS) on the future of iOS

Let me say this first-

This is a post of my ideas and my opinions. In no way am I saying this is the right way to do things, because as far as I know this might not even be possible. Anyways...

WWDC is coming up and most people agree that we won't see a big change, but rather some touch ups and possibly a "flatter" design.

From reading around several different sources, I, myself find it clear that a lot of the more "technologically advanced" people are switching over to android, or wanting to at least give it a shot. I understand that this group of people might not necessarily make up a large part of the market today, but it is growing.

Here are my thoughts:

You can buy stock android, touch wiz android phones, and sense android phones just to name the main ones. For myself, I am getting sick of the 4 inch screen of the iPhone 5, and after playing around with the One and GS4, I am ready to switch over. I had the GS3 last summer but went to the iphone 5 as soon as it came out because i really thought i would love the 4" screen, but that isn't the case anymore. so before I start to go on a rant here is something I was thinking about.

Why not have different versions of iOS?

The average smart phone user might love the smaller size of the iphone 5, and the simplicity of iOS 6, but some of us are bored and want change. Some of us also want a 5" screen, but just adding a couple rows and columns isnt enough to fill that screen.

This is where I want to make it clear that I'm not even sure if this is possible as I have no knowledge in software development but why not keep iOS the way it is on the smaller screen, and then introduce a 5" iphone with a different version of iOS. It seems like there really are two kinds of smart phone users, and the more advanced might like that option to have the bigger screen size and some new features added to this "skin" of iOS, whether it be widgets or whatever Ive can come up with.

These are just my thoughts. Sorry if this has been talked about before.