Best After-Market Car Stereo for Smartphone Integration?

I'm looking for an after-market car stereo with iPhone + Android integration (maybe bluetooth). I've seen some with some cool features, but I'd like some recommendations so I don't miss something really cool. Here is what I am thinking:

  • Built-in bluetooth A2DP streaming
  • Any that create a WiFi network for AirPlay streaming?
  • Bluetooth call integration is NOT required, but okay to have.
  • Single DIN installation size, preferably with a large screen that is either fixed, retractable or motorized
  • Would like built-in GPS, but better if it can mirror iPhone screen and use phone's GPS app
  • Support/integration for both iPhone and Android (Galaxy Note 2 / GS3) would be great.
  • Needs AUX in
  • Decent built-in speaker wattage
  • Touch screen would be cool
Anyway, this is a start, but I have stuck with factory car stereos for over a decade and I am not sure what is out there that I should be looking for in the aftermarket.
Thanks for your recommendations!