Need help deciding on a Verizon Android phone

I started a new Verizon family plan about a week ago, on 5/10, with all new phones with 2-year contracts.

I've got the Galaxy S3 right now, but I've got until next Friday, 5/24, to return it and get something else with the new 2-year contract pricing. I don't mind returning this to get something else, but I don't want to spend more than $99 for a new phone on the 2-year contract.

The Galaxy S3 is fine, but I'm not thrilled with TouchWiz--I'm using Nova Launcher Prime to get around it in a way, but I still don't appreciate the TouchWizzy settings, SMS, and notification pane. I do like the camera and the popularity of the phone, and as an extension, the availability of cases and other accessories for it.

At this point, I'm also considering the Droid DNA and the Droid RAZR MAXX HD.

I don't think I'll like the Droid DNA much because of Sense, but I know some people feel like Sense is a little nicer than TouchWiz. The Droid RAZR MAXX HD skinning seems to be the least objectionable, but I'm a little worried about the camera there.

So...I'm stuck.

I have an old HP/Palm Pre 2 (the phone I had been using) that I can revert back to, which would let me keep the line open indefinitely for the 2-year contract pricing on a new phone...but I do want a newish phone soon. I really don't see anything on the horizon for Verizon, though.

I don't think I need everything that the Galaxy S4 offers, but I'd definitely go for it if it were to ever go on sale for $99. The best price I've seen now is $179 through Wirefly. I don't want to go with the Note 2 because it's just a touch too big and I already have a Nexus 7 so I don't need a tablet-phone.

I'm leaning toward just keeping the S3, but if anyone feels like making an impassioned argument for a different phone, go for it.