HTC One Nexus Edition: Is it real?

So Google shocked pretty much everybody yesterday by announcing the Galaxy S4 "Google Experience" with stock Android. And even though we now have a flagship phone with stock Android a lot of people still dont like the S4 because of its hardware design. Most of them probably would have preferred if Google had chosen the HTC One. But thats never going to happen, right?

Well, maybe it will. Apparently HTCs Leigh Momii, a member of HTCs developer program HTCdev tweeted this during the I/O yesterday:

Now i know its a long shot especially since the immediately said that HTC remains "committed to Sense" but still...could this be a sign that there might be an HTC One running stock Android on the way? Or even another Nexus made by HTC?

I`ll admit that i am kind of grasping for straws because i really want it to be true...but what do you think?