Ipod Touch + Cellular iPad or iPhone + WiFi iPad

Which would be the better pick if I need an always on connection in the University?

Ipod Touch + feature phone (or budget Android phone) + Cellular iPad Mini combo (Using the Mini as a hotspot)


iPhone + WiFi iPad Mini combo (Using the iPhone as a hotspot)

Of course, price is also a factor. I summed up both combos:

1st combo

  • Ipod Touch (Php 11590)
  • Budget smartphone (Php 4999)
  • Cellular iPad Mini (Php 19290)
  • Total : Php 35879 (~$869)
2nd combo
  • iPhone 5 (Php 28490)
  • WiFi iPad Mini (Php 13990)
  • Total : Php 56380 (~$1366)

I'm from the Philippines so commenting about the data plans are pretty much useless. I'll be the one to handle that since it's pretty much the same price for the two combos.

Thank you in advance.