Siri and Google Now: Are you refusing to choose?

Now, like many of you here in the Apple Core, I am fond of both Apple hardware and Google services. I was delighted to see Now come to iOS, but was acutely aware that it simply could not be integrated tightly as you would find on Android devices. Certain commands can not yield results in iOS, but considering how much of my information is already on Google's servers, I was certain I wanted to use it regularly for at least the cards.

At first I kept Google Search in my dock, but that threw off my flow (eventually you just get used to the placement of your apps). Then I kept it on my first page, but it wasn't as convenient as being able to flick up on my Nexus. StartToNow in Cydia helped a lot, but I was still mostly unhappy.

The newest version of JellyLock including it as a hidden icon/gesture was brilliant. While it can obviously only work on the lockscreen, it's bringing me back to my flow on the Nexus-- swipe up, look at cards, head out to the home screen. Zephyr allowing me to just swipe a second time to get back home makes it even more intuitive. Now I find myself using Google Now for personal and local information (upcoming flights, traffic, weather), and Siri for general queries and initiating navigation.

So, I want to know: Are you finding ways to implement both? I am curious to know if you are, why, and how you are using them together (I'd personally love to hear about clever implementations of both).